The Flavor Conspiracy was created as a source of inspiration for people who love food, wish to indulge in a naturally yummy lifestyle and get the most pleasure from conspiring with others on this tasty journey.

Intimate Gatherings

Imagine having a fine dining restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home. No one rushing you to finish, no filtering of crazy conversations, you can drink your own wine or cocktails, relax and have a night (or day) of just pure delicious fun!

Cooking Lessons

Private Instructions In Your Home. If you would like to be a co-conspirator and receive hands-on instruction in the privacy of your own home, I can customize a delicious learning experience for you. Pop-Up Cooking School. Open-air cooking demos around town.

Private Chef-A-Go-Go

I realized that there was a need for people to have a private chef travel with them preparing their favorite foods….fresh and from scratch.  So that is exactly what I started doing a couple of years ago.


I create food that follows a more open, groovy, colorful approach to eating. Taking classic favorites and giving them a boost of super foods, colorful fruits, veggies, fresh herbs, spices. Magically creating dishes that are bold, fun, lower in sugar, higher in fiber, full of intense flavor.

Funky Fresh Recipes

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Zhee Zhee Charisma Aguirre

Your Director of Delicious Indulgence

I’ve held many titles over the past 20 years: cook, chef, personal chef, caterer, culinary instructor, kitchen goddess, foodie, nurturer, culinary artist….. and now most proudly hold the Flavor Conspiracy title of “Director of Delicious Indulgence”.

That’s right….I finally have my dream job guiding my peers, fellow foodies and clients toward a life of diverse flavor, nutritional wellness and fun in the kitchen!

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