travel chef


So much of the time people go on vacation or even on an extended trip for business purposes, and they end up having to eat every single meal in a restaurant.  No matter how good the restaurants are and no matter how much they try and order wisely, it just isn’t the same as good-for-you, home cooked meals. And if you have any specific dietary needs, well, it’s an even bigger struggle to try and eat well while you are away from home.

Talking with people who go on the road regularly for events, horse shows, sporting and music tours; or the annual family vacation to wherever; I realized that there was a need for people to have a chef travel with them preparing their favorite foods….fresh and from scratch.  So that is exactly what I started doing a couple of years ago.

For example: A group of friends that go on a two week vacation to Hawaii or Tahoe together, might normally stay in a hotel resort. They end up having to pay for every single meal, cocktail, cup of coffee, bottle of water and snack at the resort or hotel. They can’t really hang out together in a private setting except if they visit each other’s hotel rooms.

The cooler alternative:  Instead, they get a vacation rental home with private amenities, fly me over to wherever they are, I am able to hit up local markets and Costco to get supplies for the week.  I can go on food/drink runs to ensure the fridge is stocked with everyone’s desired goodies.  The group of friends can relax and have fun together, laugh, get crazy if they want to, while I make wholesome fresh homemade cuisine, drinks, tapas, etc…. all in the comfort of their private mini resort.

**And here’s the bonus for dog owners: I happen to also be a pet sitter. I have been doing it for years, because my second obsession, next to food, is my love for animals.  So for an additional fee, rather than leave your babies at home, you could bring them along. You will  know that they are getting extra love during the times that you are off sight-seeing or doing whatever business you need to, they are taken out for potty breaks, brushed and chilaxin’ in a home-like loving environment (not at home missing you or in a kennel). And when you come back to the pad for dinner you have your buddy there waiting for you.

So here’s how it works:

  • Before the trip, we have a consultation so I can find out what the client’s flavor preferences are. I can either just create food as we go, or create a menu in advance for the client to see. We are also able to discuss what the kitchen accommodations are.
  • Client pays for my transportation, luggage fees, lodging and board. 
  • If your vacation rental is in San Diego, bonus!  No need to pay for the above travel related fees.  PLUS – I am a San Diego native, born and raised, so you get the inside local scoop from me on what’s not-to-be-missed here in America’s Finest City.
  • My rate is $350 per day (for cooking for up to 6 people, increases $25/day each additional person).  I like to limit it to no more than 10 people, with the exception of a special occasion. I have had clients wish to invite people over for a 20 person bbq, brunch or cocktail party. I am absolutely willing to do it.
  • I shop for food, drinks, snacks and treats and client reimburses me daily, either via cash or PayPal.
  • I prepare and serve full breakfast and three-course dinner.  Lunches are prepared and put in the fridge (ex: sandwiches with at least two sides and something sweet), so they are able to be eaten at clients leisure or packed in a cooler to go.  I wash dishes after meals. **sorry no maid service **
  • I keep the fridge stocked with family favorites, and I can “bartend” during meal times (I make amazing mojitos and kick-ass margaritas). I also make sure to keep snacks and fresh fruit close at hand for in between meals.
  • Every 5 days I get a day off, with half pay.  That is usually the day that the clients go out for dinner or are doing more site seeing or attending an event. I still make sure to have freshly cut fruit, some salads and deli plates, and ingredients for continental breakfasts in the fridge on my off cooking days.