Summer Session of Zhee Zhee’s Pop-Up Cooking School- July 8, 2017!

After nine long months recovering from wrist surgery, I am back in action, people! I’ve been cooking my ass off and am so excited to get planning the next pop-up session.  I need to create and explore and share organic deliciousness…I can’t wait any longer. There are crazy fabulous piles of fruits and vegetables showing up at Farmer’s Markets around town.

I couldn’t think of a more delicious way to appreciate our blessed SoCal environment, than to pack up my cooking gear, grab some fresh ingredients and create pop-up cooking demos around town. You bring an empty stomach and hopefully a buddy…. I make the handcrafted food, prepared with laughter and love! You learn and eat and share in the foodie fun.
san diego chef zhee platter 2

Usually my classes are held during the day, outdoors in parks and open spaces. I wanted to have a tapas dinner affair; so we will be gathering at an indoor location (in Mission Valley area). Students will be emailed the exact address: 

        • $50 per person. Stay tuned for the ticket site link that I will be posting in the next few weeks. You can either pay through the site or PayPal me using theflavorconspiracy@cox.net as the recipient (just make sure to give me your name and email address in the note field).
        • On the day of class you show up with an empty stomach, a love for food and the desire to learn and share in an unconventional classroom.
        • Each participant will: receive a recipe packet, experience a demo-style cooking class, and chow down on a delicious, communal style four-course meal—prepared right in front of the class.
        • The meal will include all sorts of organic produce, some locally sourced seafood and a bit of free-range chicken. Just in case you are wondering, the majority of my dishes happen to be gluten free, with the exception of a little artisan bread on the side. All of the recipes are my original creations, inspired by international flavors and a whole foods mentality.
        • I will also provide some type of preliminary snacky while you watch the demo, and one of my agua fresca elixirs.

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