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Director of Delicious Indulgence

I am the product of a creative and artistic family (okay let’s face it we were a funky bunch o hippies!), who were growing food in our San Diego backyard, much to the embarrassment of my sister; not just out of necessity (we’ve all heard the term “starving artists”), but out of love for all things fresh and natural.

Some of my first food memories were of picking kale and tomatoes with my mom, and helping my Mexican Tia’s making tamales in a kitchen full of love and soul.  By age ten, I was already cooking for the family, making appetizers for neighbors and dreaming up my own recipes.

This was way before the internet and the Food Network, so you would often see me with pen and paper watching public television (we never had cable) on our little black and white 13” TV.  I would be frantically writing as fast as I could to try and record what I was watching Julia Child, Jaque Pepin, The Frugal Gourmet and a couple other cooking show pioneers preparing.

Fast forward 32 years, and you have a super foodie with an obsession for organically delicious ingredients.

My multi-cultural background, travels, tasting adventures, and culinary education have only fed that obsession.The positive results of my food obsession led me to an exciting career working my passion in various aspects of the industry.

zhee wellness

However, the super foodie lifestyle took a toll on my health, leading me to a weight of 299 lbs. and diagnosis of type 2 diabetes!

That was my rock bottom…I was a food addict surrounded by food all of the time.  I had to make a decision, between leaving my passion for cooking behind, or finding a way to create a bridge between that passion and a healthier lifestyle.  I chose the latter.

Now, in the middle of my weight loss journey, I have lost over 65 lbs. so far. And fallen off the wagon, countless times!!!

My culinary focus consists of creating healthier recipes that allow people to still experience a sense of indulgence and fun, and teaching nutritionally inspired classes; all a part of my quest for wellness and the urge to share my discoveries with others.

Am I going to suddenly stop eating every evil thing? Hell, no..sorry but I still need my cheese and bacon fix.  However, I have figured out a way to be good 80% of the time, incorporating as many organic super foods in my daily meals; and then allowing myself to be evil 20% of the time (hence such blog posts as Porkapalooza and pics you will see of perfectly browned rib eye steak.).

This is how the Flavor Conspiracy was born.

The Flavor Conspiracy was created as a source of inspiration for people who love food, wish to indulge in a naturally yummy lifestyle and get the most pleasure from conspiring with others on their tasty journey. I have held many titles over the years: cook, executive chef, personal chef, caterer, culinary instructor, kitchen goddess (my personal favorite), foodie, nurturer, culinary artist….and now I most proudly hold the Flavor Conspiracy title of “Director of Delicious Indulgence”.

That’s right…I finally have my dream job directing my peers, fellow foodies and clients toward a life of diverse flavor, nutritional wellness and fun in the kitchen!