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Eat To Beat The Heat

I can’t help it, folks! Its hotter than a witch’s you-know-what. I’m sweating more than I ever cared to. All I can do is keep singing songs about the heat; like “Hot in Herre” (Nelly), “Summertime” (Dj Jazzy Jeff), “Hot Stuff” (Donna Summer) and “Drop It Like Its Hot” (Snoop Dogg).  You know those tunes, […]

But Can You Use A Knife?

  Must Have Knife Skills! That’s what it would say on the top of a want ad I would post for a chef, kitchen assistant, home cook or a husband, for that matter. You may have heard this before…the most important tool for a chef, besides your tongue, is a good knife.  If you really […]

Mother’s Day Brunch

Honoring The Mamas! It’s Mama’s May, the month that brings a time for honoring my mama, sisters,  aunts, girlfriends, all of the wonderful women and feminine energy that surrounds me, the people I know who have nurtured and supported me and who give of themselves in a motherly way; whether it be to adults, children […]

Non-Pizza Pizza

Welcome to Zhee Zhee’s non-pizza pizzeria! It’s non-pizza because I don’t follow any traditional pizza making process, I don’t let the dough rise but for a couple minutes, I don’t make it in a round pizza shape. RECIPE INCLUDED BELOW. What I do is throw together a quick yeast dough (recipe to follow) and stretch it into […]